BME 2016: RADMOR Programmable Radios

During the BALT-MILITARY-EXPO event, Gdynia based RADMOR S.A company is showcasing the 350X radios family which are classified as programmable SDR (Software Defined Radios).

350X model name means that a joint SDR hardware platform may use a variety of software elements (so called waveforms), defining the properties, operational parameters and capacity of the device.

The waveforms may be proposed by the RADMOR company, or created in line with the Ordering Party’s specification. The company currently offers three kinds of such software (3507, 3508 and 3509), along with two arrangements, with bandwidths between 20 and 510 Mhz and 30-137 Mhz.

In case of the R3507 and R3508 radios, we may speak of a broadband device operating within the band between 20 and 520 MHz, with 300 hop/s (R3508) and 100 hop/s (R3506) frequency hops. R3509 device is the one which is the most advanced. The device may cooperate both with the standard communication systems, as well as within the BMS battle management system, offering a full integration with the IP networks.

All of the 350X radios are handheld (with weight of ca. 900 g, and dimensions of 220x86x44 mm). Once car adapters are added, along with a 50W amplifier, they may be used as mobile or stationary radios too.