Borsuk IFV on Amphibious & Live Fire Tests

Budżet, 2024 , MON, wydatki na wojsko
Bojowy wóz piechoty Borsuk
Photo. MON via Twitter

The PGZ group presented recordings depicting some of the qualification tests regarding the Borsuk IFV.

Ad has sent an inquiry to PGZ, regarding the qualification test programme involving the Borsuk IFV. The response was as follows: “State qualification test programme is indeed, currently underway. The tests included amphibious tests, wading, and firing all weapons onboard, including the cannon, machine gun, and the ATGM, also in the amphibious setting”, PGZ communications department reports.


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Interestingly, the prototype tested differs from the variant presented before. The front part of the hull now features extra armour. What is relevant, despite the extra armour the vehicle still retains its amphibious capabilities.

The completion of the state qualification, with a positive rating, would be another, relevant step towards the launch of the series manufacturing of the Borsuk IFV for the Polish Armed Forces. The framework agreement assumes that ca. 1,400 Borsuk IFVs would be procured, 1,000 of which would be delivered in a pure IFV configuration. 400 platforms would be used to create specialist variants of the vehicle.

The Borsuk IFV is a new, amphibious infantry fighting vehicle, weighing ca. 28 tonnes. It is powered by the 720 HP MTU 8V 199 TE20 diesel engine, allowing the platform to attain a top speed of up to 65 kph on hardened surfaces.

Borsuk has been outfitted with the ZSSW-30 remotely controlled turret system. The remotely controlled turret features a 30 mm Mk 44S Bushmaster cannon, coaxial 7.62 mm UKM-2000C general-purpose machine gun, and a dual Spike-LR/LR2 ATGM launcher unit.

The vehicle is operated by a crew of three (commander, gunner, driver), and it can carry up to 6 troops. The extra equipment includes the SSP-1 Obra-3 self-defence suite, Fonet comms suite, and TALIN 5000 INS.