Dezamet Receives An Order Related To Ammunition For The Automatic Grenade Launchers

Dezamet company has concluded an agreement, the aim of which is to acquire more than 36 thousand fragmentation grenades (40 mm x 53SR) for the Polish Army. Estimated value of the contract is contained in an amount of PLN 28 million. The procurement process is going to be realized between 2015 and 2018.

40 mm x 53SR grenade round, with a HE fragmentation projectile, is used to destroy the enemy armoured vehicles and troops. The ammunition may also be utilized on a tactical level, in order to cover the manoeuvres of own elements, interrupt the manoeuvres executed by the enemy, limit down the ability of the enemy to respond with aimed fire and in order to indicate the targets for own elements.

This type of ammunition is being used by the Polish Army in two types of automatic grenade launchers – Mk 19 Mod 3 used by the Army, and the German H&K GMG, used by the special forces.

The agreement signed by the Armament Inspectorate with the Dezamet plant covers the delivery of 36 thousand rounds of the 40 mm ammunition. The deliveries are going to be realized as follows: ca. 16 thousand rounds in 2016, ca. 11 thousand rounds in 2017 and ca. 9 thousand rounds in 2018.

It is worth to mention the fact that last year, ZM Dezamet company signed an agreement covering procurement of 23 thousand 40 x 53 SR training grenades, with the delivery deadline specified as 2015-2018. The grenades were to be acquired in two variants – standard one and one with a tracer round.