Europoltech 2015: Night- and Thermal-Vision Devices Manufactured By PCO S.A.

  • Projekt hybrydowego samolotu transportowego ze skrzydłem rozmytym - fot. Lockheed Martin
    Projekt hybrydowego samolotu transportowego ze skrzydłem rozmytym - fot. Lockheed Martin
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  • Fot. ESA-CNES-Arianespace/Optique Video du CSG/Jourrenberger
    Fot. ESA-CNES-Arianespace/Optique Video du CSG/Jourrenberger

PCO S.A. Company, during the 7th International Expo Of Equipment and Technology Dedicated For The Police And Uniformed Services – Europoltech 2015, presented night- and thermal-vision devices, including goggles, monoculars and optics for the firearms.

PCO. S.A. Company has presented the miniaturized universal MU-3M monocular, with length of 97 mm and weight – without the batteries – of 250 grams. “KOLIBER” device may be easily used by the individual soldiers, and drivers of the fighting vehicles and cars as a night vision device. It may also be used as a firearm night-vision optic, when it is coupled with a holographic sight.

Daily modular sight DCM-1 „SZAFIR” – photo by M.Dura

There is an option of coupling the device with a thermal-vision attachment (Clip-on thermal ImageR) with a range of 150 meters – the image displayed by the attachment is laid over the night vision imagery, which makes it possible to interconnect the advantages of both systems.

Universal Monocular MU- 3 „KOS” – photo by M.Dura

PCO S.A. also demonstrated its MU-3 “KOS” night-vision monocular, which was the basis for developing the MU-3M system.  “KOS” may be utilized as a firearm night vision optic (together with a holographic or reflector sight). The goggles may also be used in a role of a night vision system for the vehicle drivers, once two monoculars are assembled on a special-purpose bridge. “KOS” is being utilized by the Polish land forces.

Night vision goggles PNL-3M „ORLIK” – photo by M.Dura

Europoltech expo also featured a presentation of the miniaturized aviation PNL-3M “ORLIK” night vision goggles. Their role is to make it possible for the pilots and the flying crews to observe the terrain and detect targets during the night flights. Similarly as it happens in case of any similar systems, using the PNL-3M goggles requires proper cockpit illumination to be implemented. The goggles in question may be fitted directly on the THL-5NV, HGU-56 or ALFA pilots’ helmets, with an option of regulating the monocle axis and distance of the monocles from the eye. Additionally, height of the device in relation to the helmets’ edge, as well as the angle of inclination, may also be properly adjusted.

Night vision goggles PNL-3 „BIELIK” – photo by M.Dura

The Company also presented the PNL-3 “BIELIK” aviation night-vision goggles which are designed for the helicopter pilots and crews. The image provided by the “Bielik” device makes it possible to carry out 3D, twin-eye observation, with a natural shape- and dimensional rendition, when it comes to the observed objects. The goggles may be, similarly as the PNL-3M “ORLIK” system, fitted to the pilot’s helmet, they are fully adjustable within the scope of their position and distance in relation to the eyeball.

Light telescopic sight PCS-5/5M „GABRO” – photo by M.Dura

PCO S.A. booth also features PCS-5/5M “GABRO” optical sight. It may be used with portable weapons, including the grenade launchers which are fitted with a side-aiming system. “GABRO” is being used in order to carry out battlefield observation, secondly, it makes it possible to recognize the targets in night-conditions, with the use of the residual light. Magnification ratio of the scope is 2.3x, while the sight’s weight is 1.3 kg.

Thermovision sight SCT „RUBIN” – photo by M.Dura

The company also demonstrated its SCT “RUBIN” thermal sight. This optic is used by the Polish Army and it is to be a part of the “TYTAN” future-soldier-system. “RUBIN” may be used within the scope of observing the targets and in the firearm aiming process. Detection and identification of the targets is possible regardless of the lighting and weather conditions.

In order to eliminate the effect of illuminating the face of the user, the thermal-vision imagery display inside the scope is switched-off, once the shooter moves his eye away. What is more, the device features an energy-saving function. One set of batteries provides the sight with 12 hours of permanent operation. SCT “RUBIN” scope is additionally equipped with an external helmet display which makes it possible to fire the weapon and observe the targets while being hidden behind a cover, just by moving the weapon over it. The sight makes it possible to identify human-sized targets at distances of up to 1200 meters. Weight, together with the batteries, is lower than 1.3 kg.

Daily modular sight DCM-1 „SZAFIR” – photo by M.Dura

PCO S.A. company also presents the daytime “SZAFIR” DCM-1 sight, during the Europoltech event. The sight is used for laying down fire at close and medium ranges. It was designed for the MSBS-5.56 mm carbine which is to be used by the Polish soldiers in the future. It may also be fitted to the Beryl assault rifles. “SZAFIR” system consists of the LDK-4 scope and a small, open MK-1 reflector sight. The whole system weighs just 400 grams.

The article has been prepared on the basis of the press materials provided by the PCO S.A. company