Halfway Point Reached In The UKM-2000P Machine Gun Test Programme

  • Image Credit: A. Hładij
    Image Credit: A. Hładij

According to the release published by Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów (Tarnów Mechanical Works), the test programme, related to the new UKM-2000P machine gun, has reached its half-way point. During the last series of tests carried out at the Wesoła Garrison shooting range, the ergonomics of the weapon during shooting were the main area covered by the programme.

UKM-2000P machine gun is a new version of its predecessor, UKM-2000. The refined rifle is soon to be delivered for the Polish Army. 380 weapons are going to be procured. The tested variant is going to have enhanced reliability and ergonomics, along with increased lifetime. Leader of the design team, Karol Wilk, informed that no weapon stoppages were recorded so far, resulting from the weapons’ construction. The tests were carried out in extreme temperatures, reaching minus 50 degrees centigrade, in dusty, frosty and rainy conditions. Due to the remarks made by the soldiers involved in the test programme, a proper, the stock which was most preferred was selected – one of the four proposed variants.

The new UKM-2000 variety is going to be presented during the upcoming 23rd International Defence Industry Salon in Kielce, within the ZM Tarnów booth, which is going to constitute a part of a wider presentation organized by Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa [Polish Armament Group]. The modified general-purpose machine gun is going to be demonstrated within the scope of a presentation, the aim of which will be to demonstrate the individual equipment for the soldiers, offered by the company. Besides the new variant of the above-described weapon, the manufacturer is also going to showcase the new sniper rifles. Here, not only do we mean the BOR sniper rifle and TOR anti-material rifle, but also the ALEX-338 weapon, utilizing the .338 Lapua Magnum round.

Besides the above, Kielce fair booth would also feature the 308 ZMT HS rifle for the civilian market, RGP-40 revolver grenade launcher and the WLKM multi-barrel machine gun.