Hertz Systems Lands New Contracts Concerning The Military-grade GPS Receivers

  • Satelita Sentinel-3, Ilustracja: ESA/ATG medialab
    Satelita Sentinel-3, Ilustracja: ESA/ATG medialab

Hertz Systems company has signed two contracts pertaining to procurement of the military-grade HGPST-T GPS receivers for the Rosomak WRT (Wóz Rozpoznania Technicznego – Technical Reconnaissance Vehicle) platforms and for the Poprad anti-aircraft systems. The procurement process is going to be finalized throughout the year 2016. The GPS receivers manufactured in Zielona Góra are also being tested onboard the ORP Kormoran II minehunter. 

Two New Procurement Contracts In Relation to the Polish Military-Grade GPS Receivers

Hertz Systems company has signed two contracts concerning the procurement of the military-grade HGPS-T GPS receivers. The devices are going to be used to equip the Rosomak APCs in their specialized “Technical Reconnaissance Vehicle” variant. HGPS-T system is also expected to be utilized in case of the Poprad anti-aircraft platform. The procurement process is going to be finalized throughout the year 2016. The Parties involved include the manufacturer of the Poprad system – the PIT-RADWAR company which acts a part of the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. consortium, along with the Rosomak S.A. company which is the manufacturer of the Rosomak family APCs, in a variety of variants. The Rosomak vehicle is being manufactured in compliance with the needs of the Polish Army, and the needs of the export customers as well. In total, 46 new receivers are going to be delivered to the Ordering Parties, with an option of procuring several more examples.

HGPST-EFTS and ORP Kormoran II

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Hertz Systems HGPST-EFTS receiver has also been installed onboard the ORP Kormoran II minehunter, which is currently undergoing a sea-trials programme. The vessel will detect and neutralize the sea mines within the waters of the Polish economic zone, as well as within other areas, as a ship which would be operating under the NATO jurisdiction. A jamming-resistant package has been delivered for Kormoran, consisting of a military-grade GPS HGPSTT-EFTS receiver, featuring a time and frequency model, CRPA antenna and an HTT-10 tactical terminal.

HGPSTT system constitutes a family of military-grade GPS receivers which are being manufactured in Zielona Góra. The equipment has been fitted with a SAASM cryptographic module which makes it possible to fully access the military GPS frequency, with simultaneous maintenance of accurate indication of time and position, should jamming and spoofing be applied by the adversary. On the basis of the agreements signed with the Polish Ministry of Defence and the manufacturers of the relevant platforms used by the military, between 2007 and 2015 the Polish Army has received around 600 examples of the military-grade HGPST T receivers, coupled with a SAASM encryption module.