HSW Establishes a New Production Hall

Image Credit: Defence24
Image Credit: Defence24

According to the information released by HSW, works have been finalized with regards to a new production hall including an X-ray lab that is equipped with the largest X-ray chamber in Poland. The chamber has been designed for the purpose of examining the quality of high volume welded structures.

According to the information released by HSW S.A., the company managed to finalize the construction works in July, pertaining to expansion of the new production hall. The hall, with surface area of 3.5 thousand sq. m is now a subject to final acceptance and handing off.

Image Credit: HSW
Image Credit: HSW

The project also includes establishment of an X-ray lab featuring the largest X-ray chamber in Poland, destined to be used for the purpose of examining high volume welded structures. The chamber makes it possible to subject products, of dimensions of 4×10×2.5 metres and weighing up to 15 tonnes, to inspection. Same applies to construction materials, including steel and welded joints with cross sections of up to 100 mm. The Chamber is the largest of its kind in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

The investments made are related to the general strategy adopted by HSW, placing a great emphasis on introduction of new technologies, in order to be able to meet the continuously growing market requirements. 

Only such significant changes within the scope of processes, expertise of our staff, experience and the state of art solutions can allow us to gain competitive advantage over domestic and foreign manufacturers of similar products, effectively and in a longer run. Not only will this be an advantage for us, as the HSW company, but it will also be beneficial for the whole PGZ capital group.

Bernard Cichocki, HSW S.A. President of the Management Board

 Stage I of the Regina programme was finalized by HSW several weeks before the final deadline. Accelerated implementation of the programme and the plan derived to enhance the manufacturing effectiveness that has been put in place since 2016 both allowed HSW to get the first mid-year results in 2018 that are several million zlotys better than the initial assumptions of the plan. This result is also better than the one achieved during the first half of 2017. Enhanced supervision of the expenditure translates into enhanced cost effectiveness, diminished prices of the products offered, which, all in all, is also of benefit for our customers, Jacek Kosinski, Member of the Board for Finances at HSW S.A., stressed.