HSW Launches an X-Ray Laboratory. “Tests for Krab and Beyond”

Image Credit: HSW
Image Credit: HSW

HSW announced that it has initiated activities of an X-ray laboratory that could be useful in the Krab sph programme, and also in case of the Borsuk IFV development process.

The newly created X-ray chamber designed to record X-ray imagery of large volume welded structures makes it possible to inspect the structural integrity of large products, with dimensions of up to 4×10×2.5 m, weighing up to 15 tonnes, HSW announced.  

The design of the newly created X-ray chamber makes it possible to capture x-rays with the use of X-ray tubes offering a power output of up to 350 kV. Utilizing the solution of this type is to allow HSW to capture X-ray imagery of the structural elements, including steel and welded connections, with cross sections of up to 100 mm.

The chamber is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Poland, and also one of the largest in Europe. HSW S.A., as stressed by its representatives, also obtained the required permits from the Polish National Atomic Energy Agency, to carry out activities with the use of devices containing radioactive sources emitting ionizing radiation. 

Modern research facilities are also to meet the HSW’s needs within the scope of the need to carry out turrets/hulls tests after these are welded, as welding constitutes one of the most important stages of the production cycle. The necessity to carry out material and structural tests is related to quality assurance performed with regards to welded elements, considering the design and quality requirements, including the ones related to the Krab sph platforms manufactured at HSW S.A. within the scope of the transfer of technology provided by Hanwha Land Systems (Korea).

The X-ray chamber is to be used when carrying out further projects at HSW, such as the new amphibious IFV or other vehicles, including the ones developed as a part of the Wisła programme. HSW also hopes to secure some collaborative orders as well.
Up until now the testing facilities, along with the leased HSW plant, made it possible to carry out tests with regards to structures with dimensions of 2.5x2.5x2.5 metres and weighing up to 2 tonnes. The facility was also located 2 kilometres from the main plant, and this imposed an extra logistical load.

August Żywczyk