HSW To Celebrate Its 80th Anniversary

Image Credit: Jerzy Reszczyński
Image Credit: Jerzy Reszczyński

Elektryczne Gitary, Goya and Patrycja Markowska - these artists constitute some of the highlights that will make the HSW S.A.’s 80th Anniversary event programme even more attractive for the Stalowa Wola citizens.  The event is going to take place on May 20th.

The events have begun with an art competition that took place to commemorate the company’s 80th anniversary. The contest involved the students of grades IV-VII of the elementary schools and grades II-III of the junior high schools of Stalowa Wola. The goal of the contest was to raise awareness among the youth, pertaining to the functioning of the oldest company in the city. The young people also had a chance to express their fantastic visions within the domains of technologies and industry. The competition was organized by HSW working in collaboration with the Stalowa Wola cultural centre. The works are displayed at the ‘Tło’ Gallery, until May 23rd this year.

The celebrations related to the HSW’s 80th anniversary happening on 20th May this year would begin with a holy mass at 10:15 AM that is to take place at the Basillica, with an intentions dedicated to the HSW builders and employees who have all been making contributions to the Polish security sector since the last 80 years.  The Holy Mass would also involve artists directed by Ewa Woynarowska.

The main highlights of the picnic would start to happen on 20th May 2018, at a square located next to the HSW S.A. HQ. The main stage would feature the Stalowa Wola Brass band first, at 3PM. I. J. Paderewski 1st and 2nd Level State Schools of Music would be also performing during the event.  

Persons who have made special contributions to the national security area and to development of the HSW S.A. company would receive special distinctions. Starting from 5:40PM, stars would take over the stage: Elektryczne Gitary, Goya and Patrycja Markowska.

All day long, the youngest participants of the event will have a chance to use inflatable slides, obstacle course, climbing walls and two leisure-time animators.

The military geeks will have an opportunity to get acquainted with an exhibition featuring HSW S.A. products and enjoy other highlights. HSW S.A. is the main organizer of the event and extra support has been provided by the Stalowa Wola Cultural Centre, Community Cultural Centre in Stalowa Wola, Municipal Services Department and the Elementum Art foundation. The 80th Anniversary event received a patronage of the Stalowa Wola President.