JAŚMIN Suite to Support Command Processes in the Polish NATO Units

Elements of the JAŚMIN [JASMINE] suite - Image Credit: M. Dura.
Elements of the JAŚMIN [JASMINE] suite - Image Credit: M. Dura.

Polish Teldat company signed an agreement that would make it possible to utilize the Jaśmin [Jasmine] C3IS suite to a greater extent. HMS C3IS Jaśmin is a variant of the system operated by the Polish military, and the purpose of this configuration is to manage the battlespace at the level of a corps, division and a brigade.

The Agreement signed by and between Teldat and the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD greatly expands the ability to utilize this specialist software package. The new document allows for free and quantitatively unlimited use of the said software, within the MoD, domestically and abroad.

According to the information that had been previously released by the Armament Inspectorate, within an announcement also published in the Official Journal of the EU, the procurement has been dictated by a greater involvement of the Polish military in multinational formations. Extra licenses were procured for the sake of supporting the EU Battle Group and NATO Response Force in 2019 and 2020. The system is also to be used to enhance the operations of the Multinational Division North East, established following the NATO Summit in Warsaw. The announcement pertaining to the negotiation also notes that the licenses owned currently would be owned by the aforesaid division as well.

According to the Agreement, the license pertains both to the HMS C3IS JAŚMIN software kit for the point of data distribution (PDD), as well as the HMS C3IS JAŚMIN software package for the client version (WK). Furthermore, it allows for set-up and use on any military equipment designed for that purpose and meeting the minimum requirements of the HMS C3IS JAŚMIN system.

The main software functions, with that software being utilized in case of stationary and mobile command stations within the aforesaid structures, include:

  • Automation of command processes at operational and tactical levels, with this including document creation and handling, along with relevant ICT support of operations and interoperational activities of the important military elements in question;
  • Creating and enhancing situational awareness and safety of own forces, through ongoing digital map-based monitoring of operations and tactical situation, as well as through tracking of own and allied forces;
  • Ability to create a joint image of the operational situation and to fuse the data with other (also allied) systems used for the same purpose (within battle and reconnaissance domains), or systems used at lower levels (BMS) and simulation and training solutions;
  • Storage of operational data within the database of the MIP JC3IEDM model;
  • Replication of MIP software data with the use of BRM protocol at the tactical level, via radiolinks;
  • Transformation of operational data between the C2IEDM and JC3IEDM models;
  • Handling of MIP MEM B2 and B3, as well as AdatP-3 MTFs;
  • Analysis of terrain conditions and 3D spatial imaging;
  • Analysis and visualisation of Fresnel zones with the use of altimetric data allowing for proper antenna arrays arrangement.