More K9A1 Howitzers on the Way to Poland

haubice samobieżne K9
Armatohaubice samobieżne K9A1 w trakcie wysyłki do Polski.
Photo. Hanwha

Hanwha company, the manufacturer of the 155-mm K9 thunder howitzers, has revealed that another batch of those howitzers are being shipped to Poland.

In December 2022, 24 K9A1 howitzers were delivered. They came from the pool of total 48 howitzers that are to be delivered within the first phase of the contract. Recently, Hanwha Aerospace has informed that third batch amounting to 12 howitzers is being shipped to Poland. This means that also the second batch, also amounting to 12 howitzers, is on its way to Poland.

According to Hanwha, the framework agreement with Poland covers the delivery of more than 600 K9-family howitzers. More than 300 of those are planned to be produced within the framework of an industrial cooperation between the Polish and Korean industry.

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The first 24 K9A1 howitzers were delivered in the end of 2022 to the 11 Mazovian Artillery Regiment. The framework agreement for delivery of up to 672 K9A1 and K9PL was signed in July, while the first execution agreement for 212 K9A1 howitzers, along with logistics and training package as well as a substantial number of ammunition, was signed in August. The deliveries of 212 howitzers are scheduled to be finished in 2026. All of those howitzers will be integrated with the Polish Topaz Battle Management Systems and Polish C2 systems.

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