Mroczek States, Referring To The Multi-Role Helicopter Tender: “Two offers did not meet the requirements”

Photo: PZL Mielec
Photo: PZL Mielec

MoD's Secretary of State, Czesław Mroczek stated, during his meeting with the journalists, that the offers placed in the multi-role helicopter tenders did not meet the requirements, including the formal requirements.

Minister Mroczek stated that the offer made by PZL Świdnik was rejected due to the fact that the delivery period was twice as long than it was expected by the Ministry of Defence. According to the Secretary, the Ministry wanted the helicopters to be delivered two years after the agreement is signed, while the Świdnik-based company offered to supply the first examples after 4 years. What is more, the offer made by the company belonging to the AgustaWestland concern was not to include, within the full scope, the capabilities of carrying out the maintenance tasks at the WZL 1 facility based in Łódź.

Two offers did not meet the requirements, including the formal requirements.

Czesław Mroczek, MoD’s Secretary of State

The offer made by Sikorsky and PZL Mielec was rejected because of the fact that the helicopters were offered without any armament or combat systems, which eliminated the proposal from the subsequent stages of the tender. The offer made by Sikorsky consortium was “not full, within the scope of the subject of the order”. MoD’s Secretary of State even said that even if the requirements listed above were met by the bidders, the H225M Caracal offer would be the most beneficial anyway.

The Ministry of Defence decided to cut down the number of the helicopters which are to be acquired. Now the tender covers procurement of 50 examples, e.g. due to the higher costs in comparison with the initial estimates. The number will include 16 transport-multi-role helicopters, 8 ASW and 5 MEDEVAC examples, along with 13 CSAR rotor-craft  (both for the Special Forces, as well as for the Navy). The Agreement is planned to be signed in the autumn of 2015, the first deliveries – two years later.