MSPO 2015: LOOK Automated Defensive Container from Tarnów

  • Topol-M, fot. Vitaly V. Kuzmin, Wikimedia CC BY-SA 4.0

ZM Tarnów S.A. company is showcasing its observation-defensive LOOK container, featuring a remotely controlled weapons module, and an optronic device manufactured in Poland. The solution here is an easily transportable armoured module which may be used to create defensive systems defending the facilities such as military bases, airfields or outposts.

The LOOK station placed in a standard, 20-feet container, is used to secure and protect the soldiers who are executing the observation and defensive tasks in warfare conditions or during the peacekeeping operations. LOOK may become a part of a larger protection system, it may also function in an autonomous manner.

The LOOK container is protected from smalls arms fire, it is also fitted with large bulletproof glass-panes, along with the ZSMU remotely controlled weapons station manufactured by ZM Tarnów, complemented by observation and detection sensors. The daytime/night-time observation/targeting system is integrated with the armament (a .50 or .308 machine gun or a 40 mm grenade launcher). The system features TV camera and thermal-imaging device, along with a laser range-finder, all of which make it possible to accurately observe and position the targets.

The crew using the LOOK container may use other sensors, such as the radar or the thermal imaging devices independently from the container-utilized weaponry module and the optronic system, detecting, identifying and positioning the objects, persons and vehicles emerging in the supervised zone.
Each container may be fitted with:

  • monitor station for observation and control for the watch commander,
  • shooter/guard station, with control and observation desktop,
  • communications suite,
  • bulletproof windows on three sides,
  • roof hatch for manual operation of the weapons station,
  • air conditioning/heating system,
  • optional emergency power supply system.

LOOK may be used to defend and protect areas and objects of high significance, such as airfields and airbases, logistics infrastructure or field camps.  The container may be used autonomously, in order to create checkpoints, also in case of the foreign deployments. ZM Tarnów S.A. representatives show that implementation of the LOOK container makes it possible to limit the casualty rate in case of the personnel which protects the military infrastructure. Secondly, the system also improves the conditions for detection, recognition and identification of the threats appearing in the area around the base. Thirdly, the container offers an option of eliminating the enemy with the use of the safe weapons station.