MSPO 2023: Aerospace and Aviation Offerings by WZL1

UAV wing and fuselage structures.
Photo. Maciej Szopa/

WZL Nr 1 S.A. is primarily associated with comprehensive repairs, maintenance, and upgrades of rotary-wing assets. The WZL's stand at this year's MSPO event in Kielce shows that the business activities undertaken by that entity are much broader, and are tied to numerous undertakings pursued in Poland currently.

The broad rotary-wing know-how that is available at WZL1 was highlighted by the presence of a scale model of the AW101 helicopter - one of the most modern, and certainly the most technically complex rotary-wing aircraft present in Poland now. Thanks to the conclusion of an agreement on the Performance of Offset commitments, and Licensing Agreements tied to the procurement of those aircaft, WZL-1 has been designated as the Centre for Support of Helicopter Operations in the Polish Armed Forces, and also as the key recipient of the offset. Currently, the company is tailoring the infrastructure at hand to meet the guidelines defined by the offset provider, regarding the technical maintenance requirements entailed by the AW101 platform, and it is also acquiring unique know-how, about the new rotary-wing aircraft.

The information on aerospace expertise was complemented by an M-346 Master (Bielik) advanced jet trainer scale model. Within the framework of the concluded maintenance agreement, WZL1 is currently supporting the technical and logistical maintenance efforts regarding the M-346, and other elements of the AJT system, to meet the requirements associated with the training of the Polish military aircrews.

WZL No. 1 booth.
Photo. Maciej Szopa/Defence24

Three-stage rocket system model also stood out at the company's stand. The said project is aimed at creating a three-stage, suborbital, recoverable rocket that could deliver up to 40 kilograms of research payload above the Kármán line (above 100 kilometres). The technologies developed are aimed at diminishing the payload delivery cost and increasing the experimental research efficiency in micro-gravity conditions, and also in the area associated with sending probes to the top layers of the Earth's atmosphere.

Element of the three-stage rocket.
Photo. Maciej Szopa/Defence24

The project is to make it possible to master the technologies and gather experience in manufacturing segmented solid fuel rocket motors, dynamic rocket trajectory control systems, self-destruction systems that would be activated should the rocket depart from the assumed trajectory, and stages separation and recovery. WZL 1 is the leader of this project, and the remaining entities involved include the WITU Military Institute of Armament Technology and the Gamrat facility. The project value is defined as almost PLN 24 million.

WZL1 was also showcasing its products made out of composite, with the use of infusion technology - glass composite with foam inner layer, and wet prepreg technologies involving carbon and hybrid (carbon-aramid) mats, and aramid mats with aramid or aluminium honeycomb internal structure.

Composite products, showcased at the WZL No. 1 booth.
Photo. Maciej Szopa/Defence24

A fragment of a composite missile launch container manufactured at WZL was showcased - designed for one of the air/missile defence systems.