MSPO 2023: Łukasiewicz - PIAP Robots for the Armed Forces

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Łukasiewicz-PIAP Stand at MSPO
Photo. Mateusz Multarzyński

Łukasiewicz - PIAP showcased solutions in the domain of heavy combat robots, during this year’s edition of the MSPO Kielce event. The robotic platforms in question are being offered to the Polish Armed Forces.


The institute premiered its PIAP HUNTeR robot fitted with the Arex ZMU-03 RCWS - Arex is a company that is a part of the WB Group.


PIAP HUNTeR is a Polish multi-role UGV design. The robot may be used for border patrol and surveillance, surveillance of military or urban areas, and also for fire support purposes (working with the infantry), or to protect mechanized elements. PIAP HUNTeR has been fitted with TV and thermal imaging cameras and a radio communications system.

Photo. Mateusz Multarzyński / Defence24

The robot weighs more than 4 tonnes and is almost 5 meters long. The vehicle utilizes a hybrid drive, featuring a power generator coupled with traction electric motors. The hybrid PSU system ensures long endurance and allows the UGV to move around covertly when solely the electric motors are used.


PIAP HUNTeR's top speed exceeds 50 kph. The platform has been fitted with 6 hi-res cameras. ZMU-03 RCWS optoelectronics can also be used for controlling the robot and detecting the enemy.

Wheels, with a diameter of 1 meter, with offroad tyres, along with a 4x4 drivetrain, make the robot very agile offroad. The offroad performance is further enhanced by the PIAP HUNTeR's differential locks, and steering available on both axles.

PIAP HUNTeR showcased in Kielce comes in a reconnaissance platform configuration, with ZMU-03 unmanned RCWS. The module is armed with a .50-cal. machine gun and smoke grenade dispensers.

The light ZMU-03 RCWS has been developed by the Arex company, belonging to the WB Group. Apart from the armament, the turret has also been fitted with an EO system featuring a daytime camera, thermal imaging system, and a laser rangefinder.

Photo. Mateusz Multarzyński / Defence24

The offer showcased at MSPO also included smaller, mobile robots, including the PIAP IBIS bomb disposal robot, weighing 320 kilograms - it can work together with the PIAP HUNTeR platform. The smaller unit may be used in a role of a surveillance support asset - thanks to its EO system fitted with a video camera, and a thermal imager. The robots exchange radio signals between them, acting as a relay, and thus extending the operational range of the platforms.

During the MSPO Event, the latest variant of the PIAP FENIX backpack robot was premiered, designed to meet the specific requirements of the Special Operations Unit of the South Korean Police.