PCO in 2015: “Tytan”, thermal vision, “Narew” programme

  • Rakiety nośne Vega C i Ariane 6, ilustracja: ESA – David Ducros,Jacky Huart 2016
    Rakiety nośne Vega C i Ariane 6, ilustracja: ESA – David Ducros,Jacky Huart 2016

In 2015 PCO S.A. is willing to focus on development and implementation of the Tytan future soldier programme. The company is acting as the main integrator of the aforementioned system. PCO is also willing to continue its activities within the scope of developing the thermal vision devices, also in the area of modernizing the Leopard tanks and Rosomak IFV’s.

President of the PCO S.A.’s managing board, Ryszard Kardasz, stated that this year’s “priority” would be to realize the activities related to the “Tytan” future soldier system, as 2015 is defined to be the breakthrough year for the programme. Throughout the next 12 months a prototype is to be created. The prototype is to be then handed over for tests programme which is to be carried out by the Polish Army.

The company acts as the integrator of the “Tytan” system, and as the leader of the consortium. As a result of the programme, a complex individual equipment package for the soldiers is to be created. The system will consist of six sub-systems: armament, observation and reconnaissance, protection, uniform, carrying and C4IS components. As Kardasz stresses, the Company is going to coordinate the “Tytan” programme, tailoring its own offer to the programme-related requirements.

PCO is also willing to conduct research and development works within the field of the thermal-vision technologies. The works above will cover both the systems which are to be used by the individual soldiers – binoculars, thermal sights etc. – as well as the systems utilized in case of the combat vehicles. The Company is also willing to create thermal-vision cameras dedicated to be used within the Leopard 2 tanks modernization programme, implemented by the Polish Army. Secondly, the PCO S.A. devices are also to be utilized in case of the unmanned turrets for the Rosomak APC.

We are also going to develop and enhance our night-vision technology range of products in a way which would allow us to remain a worldwide-leading position. What is more, our cooperation with the Universities and with the research institutes is going to be continued.

Ryszard Kardasz, President of the Board – PCO S.A.

Kardasz defined the programmes that are run by the Polish Ministry of Defence as one of the most important area of the PCO’s business activities. He stressed the fact that the company’s goal is to deliver innovative solutions within the field of defence. PCO is willing to reinforce its status within the national market of optronics, and the company will continue its development within the area of the thermal-vision devices.

PCO, on 21st October last year, became a part of the Polish Armament Group. This happened in a process of consolidation of the Polish defence industry. The Company is taking part in the works carried out by the consortium which is preparing the “Narew” SHORAD system for the Polish Armed Forces. PCO offer is going to be based on thermal-vision and optronic systems which had been developed earlier on.

Kardasz perceives participation in the “Narew” programme as a great chance of development for the PCO S.A. Company. He notes that throughout this year, the first effects of consolidation of the Polish defence industry are going to be visible. Consolidation is being realized through the activities carried out by the Polish Armament Group. In Kardasz’s opinion, the activities undertaken within that scope shall create proper environment for the future development of the company and for expansion of the potential effectiveness, when it comes to the businesses gathered within the Group.