PIAP Delivers RPP Robots for the Polish Military

Photo. Łukasiewicz – PIAP

In late December, the Łukasiewicz – PIAP Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements has delivered the last batch of 17 RPP (Portable Patrol Robots - Engineering Robot 1806 model) systems for the Polish military, meeting the arranged deadlines. The systems have been handed off together with a spare parts kit (ZCzZ) and a maintenance and repairs kit (ZON).

The deliveries were preceded by operators, maintainers, and instructors training, organized at the base of the 2nd “Mazowiecki” Engineering Regiment in Kazuń Nowy.

Delivery of 17 examples of the robot is one of the stages of implementation of the agreement, signed by and between the Armament Inspectorate and the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP), on procurement of 35 RPP engineering robots.

Robot RPP
Photo. Łukasiewicz-PIAP
Łukasiewicz - PIAP is has been expanding its mobile robotics portfolio for 2 decades now. The first of the mobile robots developed at the Institute (and in Poland), and deployed operationally was the Inspector platform - still operated by the military. The latest RPP robots delivered recently exemplify advanced solutions developed in Poland from a scratch. The selection of domestic, ultra-modern tech, appreciated in uniformed services of more than 22 countries around the world is a benefit - not only for the military but also for the economy. Out of every zloty spent on a Polish product, 79 groszs remain in-country, and this money is used to further develop our technologies.
Piotr Szynkarczyk PhD Hab. Eng., Director at Łukasiewicz PIAP

RPP is a robot, the mobile base of which weighs 75 kilograms. The acquired robots are to be used by the engineering units, for detecting, removing, picking up or neutralizing mines, unexploded ordnance and IEDs, within the scope of combat and peacekeeping operations abroad.

The medium-sized EOD/IED robot offers wireless control capability, utilizing a light control panel equipped with IMINT sensors for identifying objects and gathering intel within the facilities of interest, delivering hi-res imagery, regardless of time and season.

RT 1806 is a fast robot that can move at a speed of up to 10kph using its tracked drivetrain - thus it also offers good offroad capability, and good mobility on hardened or country roads. It also exhibits high levels of mobility in urbanized areas. The dimensions make it possible to go through a door that is 60 centimetres wide.

Photo. Adam Szepczynski

The robot is equipped with state of the art systems for the detection of explosives and the use of CRBN agents and weapons of mass destruction. It also features a system for neutralizing explosives/hazardous materials, utilizing the latest generation VULKAN recoilless disruptor, offering a range of 30 meters.

Łukasiewicz - PIAP also offers a range of modern, large, unmanned land platforms that can easily meet the operational requirements of the Polish Armed Forces, being suitable to tackle the challenges of the battlefield - in shorter, and longer-term, said Piotr Szynkarczyk, PhD Eng. Hab., Director at Łukasiewicz - PIAP.

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements [PIAP] manufactures Polish mobile robots used for C-IED applications and reconnaissance purposes. The Institute has been founded in 1965, it has been a part of the Łukasiewicz network since 2019. The institute also works on automation and robotizing of production lines, factories, 3D printing and space technologies, it conducts research and R&D projects and develops, manufactures and sells mobile robots to 22 states all around the world. The headquarters are located in Warsaw, while a Research Group for Systems and Drives, named OBRUSN, is based in Toruń. Łukasiewicz - PIAP employs almost 300 employees working across several interdisciplinary teams (,

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Łukasiewicz tries to meet the expectations of business efficiently. Any entrepreneur may contact the entity - not only could this happen via the website, but also on-site, with more than 50 locations available - at Łukasiewicz Institutes and their branches all around Poland. Everywhere he/she would be served with identical product or service, of high quality. Łukasiewicz's potential revolves around the following research domains: Health, Smart and Clean Mobility, Digital Transformation, and Sustainable Economy, and Energy.