Polish Company to supply the Army with AESA Radars

Image Credit: PIT-RADWAR
Image Credit: PIT-RADWAR

Polish Ministry of Defence informed us that PIT-RADWAR S.A has submitted a request to participate in the Bystra radar systems procurement procedure. 

The request was received by the MoD on 17th October this year. Bystra is a short range radar that is a derivative of the Soła system. Soła radars have been operated by the Polish military for some time now. Bystra System, however, utilizes the AESA array technology, contrary to its predecessor. Bystra is going to become the first AESA radar introduced in the Polish military. At the same time it is also the first radar of the class that is series manufactured by the Polish industry. The main task that Bystra has is to support SHORAD and VSHORAD air defence elements. The radar may thus act as a fire control asset for the Poprad system and, at least to some extent, support the operations of the Narew solution.

“Bystra” is a mobile radar, the purpose of which is to detect and indicate targets for the SHORAD systems used to protect tactical combat units from airborne threats. ZDPSR “Bystra” is a multi-functional and multi-purpose radar with versatile capabilities and a number of varied applications. It may detect and track typical airborne targets, such as combat aircraft and helicopters (also hovering), missiles and UAVs, or even mortar rounds.

The radar has been developed by PIT-RADWAR and the said company submitted its request to participate in the procurement procedure. The basic order concerns delivery of 16 radars and four logistics support packages. Optionally another three radars and additional logistics support package could also be acquired. The whole contract is to be implemented until October 2020. 

“Bystra” radar is operated in the C-band and has an instrumental range of 80 kilometers. It covers elevation up to the angle of 70 degrees and refreshes the image every 2 seconds.

August Żywczyk