Poland Accelerates Acquisition Of The Attack Helicopters

Czesław Mroczek, Secretary of State of the Polish Ministry of Defence, stated that the decision regarding selection of the attack helicopter, within the “Kruk” [Raven] programme, is to be made within the “few” upcoming months. Assets that would be needed to acquire the new helicopters would come from other modernization programmes, at least to some extent. When it comes to the Mi-17’s, another bid would be created – regarding procurement of ca. 20 helicopters.

Mroczek admitted that the amount needed to procure the assault helicopters replacing the Mi-24 will ultimately be higher than the sum indicated in the technical modernization plan. Secretary stressed the fact that financial conditions would be one of the factors that are going to have an impact on the number of the acquired helicopters.

We will define, as we have said just a few seconds ago, the quantity in a way that would not have an impact on other plans. Because the amount indicated in the technical modernization plan is, in its essence, an introductory note. This means that this is not an amount that would secure the procurement of these helicopters, but it is an amount which would let us at least include them in the plan. Thus it does not cover even 50% of the costs in our estimation, in comparison with the required amount.

Czesław Mroczek, MoD Secretary of State

During his meeting with the journalists, Mroczek also stated that the value of the multi-role helicopter deal is higher than it was initially estimated by the Ministry of Defence during the analytical-concept phase. In connection with the accelerated procurement of the attack helicopters (see above), this resulted in limitation of the number of the acquired rotor-craft down to 50 examples.

Prices of the offers are comparable, quite closely. In comparison with our estimates, the amounts are higher.

Czesław Mroczek, MoD’s Secretary of State – referring to the multi-role helicopter offers

When it comes to the earlier plans, it is the MoD’s priority to replace the helicopters that need to be decommissioned due to the end of their lifetime (e.g. the Mi-8 helicopters), or to acquire specialized types that would provide new capabilities. The Polish Army is to use, for transport purposes, the Mi-17 helicopters, at least until 2026-2027. In order to replace them, another tender would be arranged, the aim of which would be to acquire ca. 20 rotary-winged aircraft.