Polish Communications for new Main Battle Tanks

Photo. WB Group

The WB Group has announced it has concluded a contract regarding the communications systems for the new Polish fighting vehicles.


The WB Group has signed an agreement with a foreign contractor, on the delivery and integration of ICT systems on the new main battle tanks expected to be introduced into the inventory of the Polish Armed Forces.


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The company did not reveal the type of the tanks where its ICT systems will be used. Most probably, the above refers to the K2 main battle tanks. 180 examples have been ordered, and the Polish Army already took delivery of 10, in December 2022. Another 18 tanks are expected to be delivered this year.

The WB Group reports that the K2 MBTs are going to be fitted with the Fonet communications suite - hardware and software that come together as a homogeneous data exchange platform on the battlefield.

Fonet, as a platform, is compatible with any radio on the market. The Polish Armed Forces decided to integrate the Radmor radios on the procured MBTs. The Radmor company meanwhile, is a part of the WB Group.

Thanks to its modular design, Fonet can be reconfigured to fit any vehicle, rendering voice communications and digital data exchange fully compatible. Thanks to the above, FONET is used in the case of the Krab howitzer, Rak mortars, modernized Gvozdika and Dana howitzers, and other platforms, including the modified T-72M1R main battle tanks.