Polish Military Property Agency Looking for Foreign Contractors. BRDM, Tatra Trucks and Vests for Sale


The Military Property Agency (Agencja Mienia Wojskowego, AMW) invites foreign contractor to benefit from its new sales formula. To date, only companies and entrepreneurs registered in the Republic of Poland were eligible to participate in tendering procedures organised by AMW. The new, competitive AMW formula for the sale of armaments, will allow foreign entities to access the procurement procedures. To the Agency, it will be an opportunity to procure new buyers and boost interest in its sales offer. Last year, the Agency generated nearly PLN 43.5 million in revenues from trade in licensed goods. AMW allocated the profits from these transactions to the Modernisation Fund of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland (Fundusz Modernizacji Sił Zbrojnych RP).

The new sales formula was developed in view of entities registered outside the territory of the Republic of Poland. Speaking more precisely - entities registered in the countries-signatories of the Wasenaar Agreement on exports of arms and dual-use goods and technologies, as well as those not subject to the EU ban on arms trade. The Agency hopes that by accessing new markets it will be able to reach more buyers and increase revenues from trade in licensed goods, decommissioned by units subordinated to the Ministry of National Defence MON and the Ministry of Interior and Administration MSWiA.

"We are looking for new opportunities. The very first competition we organised as early as in the first quarter of this year indicated that, in formal and technical terms, the new formula was designed with transparency and comprehensibility to buyers in mind. But what is of utmost importance - it has a strong potential. For this reason, this sales procedure will become a permanent feature of our army surplus management system. For some time we have been receiving inquiries from foreign contractors interested in cooperation with AMW. The call for tenders procedure shall meet their expectations halfway” explains Krzysztof Falkowski, the President of the Agency. 

Foreign contractors will soon be able to test the new formula offered by AMW by taking part in a competition organised thereby. The Agency offers buyers for approx. 1200 bulletproof vests, several Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicles BRDM (including R1A Command Vehicles and armoured reconnaissance vehicles) and a tatra-815 balast truck. Bids will be accepted until 4 July 2018. The buyer will be selected based on two key criteria. First - safety of sales transaction, associated with the verification of bidder in compliance with internal control system in place at the Agency. Second criterion is the price. The price may not be less than the minimum net price indicated in the bid form. The competition is planned to be resolved in mid-July 2018.

Last year, the Agency generated nearly PLN 43.370 million from trade in decommissioned military armaments and licensed equipment. Most of this revenue, i.e. PLN 18 million, was generated from the sale of munitions for T-54 and T-55 tanks, KS-19 air defence guns and elements thereof. Other items popular among duly buyers from AMW included aircraft engines, armoured vehicles and related spare parts, as well as communications equipment. The Agency allocates profits generated from sale of military surplus equipment to the Modernisation Fund of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. From the beginning of its existence, the Agency contributed nearly PLN 2 billion to the Fund.

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