Polish Minister of Defence in Łódź: “We reached the final stage of contractual negotiations”

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, along with Tomasz Siemoniak (Minister of Defence) and Janusz Piechocinski (Minister of Economy) visited the Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze [Military Aviation Works] No. 1 plant in Łódź. Deputy PM Siemoniak stated the following, referring to the multi-role helicopter tender: “We reached the final stage of contractual negotiations”

PM Kopacz stated that the value of the agreements signed by the WZL 1 plant reaches PLN 112 million. Polish Prime Minister recalled the fact that the facility is dealing with the work related to modernization and maintenance of the helicopters, noting that “in a perspective of the upcoming years” persons working in Łódź and Dęblin will be employed in a stable way. Ewa Kopacz additionally said that the Company reached a net profit of PLN 30 million throughout 2014.

Military Aviation Works facility was founded in 1945. (...) Today, the company deals with general repairs and modernization of the helicopters. The plant is prospering well. Currently, the facility is bound by agreements, the value of which reaches more than PLN 112 million. Within the upcoming years, the persons employed in Łódź and Dęblin do not have to worry about their employment.

PM Ewa Kopacz

Tomasz Siemoniak, Minister of Defence, referred to the multi-role helicopter tender. Siemoniak stated that selection of the Łódź facility, as the place where the new rotor-craft are going to be modernized, was to provide proper prospects for eventual development.

We want this plant to develop, just as the other aviation facilities in Poland. Thus, when defining the requirements regarding the repairs and modernization of the helicopters at one of the Polish facilities, we indicated Łódź, in order to make it possible for Łódź to develop. Similar opportunities were granted to other facilities in Poland.

Tomasz Siemoniak, Minister of Defence

Minister of Defence additionally noted that the authorities of Poland will try to place their orders within the Polish defence market. Siemoniak stated that the Modernization Plan which is to be fully implemented by 2022 should, according to the intentions, have an impact on higher rate of development for the whole country. What is more, inflow of new technologies is also expected.