Polish Minister of Treasury Supports The Radar Industry

  • Raytheon is to offer a deeply modernized Patriot system within the Wisła programme. Radar technologies are one of the key areas that are to become a subject of technology transfer. Image Credit: Raytheon/

Polish Minister of Treasury supported the PIT-Radwar S.A. company, belonging to the Polish Armament Group, by providing it with funds in an amount of PLN 44 million. The assets are going to be used to create a military radar and electronic warfare and electromagnetic compatibility testing station, placed in an anechoic chamber.

Ministry of Treasury notes the key significance of the investment, within the context of development of the PIT-Radwar company which is a part of the Polish Armament Group, also within the scope of the radars utilizing the state-of-art antenna systems, that are going to be acquired soon by the Polish armed forces.

The testing station is to enhance the accuracy of the measurements and to eliminate the measurement errors resulting from the variable weather conditions present during the field tests. The investment which is being realized by the Ministry of Treasury is also going to contribute to shortening of the test procedures.

This would be particularly important in the process of creating the active electronic arrays, in case of which the radar beam is shaped and controlled electronically. This type of antenna arrays is going to constitute a part of the prospective Wisła and Narew air defence systems. The investment made by the Ministry of Treasury is an important signal for the Minister of Defence, meaning that the Polish radar industry is getting ready to take part in the armed forces modernization programme.