Polish UAV systems for Ukraine! [Crowdfunding Campaign]

warmate fundraising
Photo. Defence24

Defence24, working with WB Electronics, the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland, and the Warsaw Enterprise Institute, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to deliver WARMATE loitering munitions with a training campaign and maintenance!


Crowdfunding Campaign Link


The funds gathered would be transferred to a bank account established by WEI, and will make it possible to procure two WARMATE sets - 20 UAVs in total.

The amount that is expected to be gathered is PLN 5 million.


The remaining funds would be used to procure extra individual protection equipment for the Ukrainian soldiers.

“Warmate, in our hands, effectively destroys the enemy” - Olexiy Reznikov, head of the Ukrainian MoD.

Not only does this crowdfunding effort help Ukraine, but it also helps the domestic defence industry!

The Ukrainians have been using Polish equipment for quite some time now, praising its capabilities. We have a saying in Poland - “you praise the foreign, not knowing your own”.

Let’s get acquainted with the piece of art manufactured by the Polish industry!

The Warmate system has been designed for identifying and striking enemy light armor or infantry - depending on the warhead used. Warmate can be used as a stand-alone system carried by the soldiers, or as a system that is integrated on a vehicular platform. The system has been equipped with control modules, making it possible to fully automate most of the flight stages, including the guidance stage. The automated control unit provides relevant support to the operator. The UAV is controlled in real-time, based on a video feed of the observation subsystem. The operator is given complete freedom when choosing the mode of operation - multiple-use reconnaissance mode, or single-use combat mode. Warmate has a range of up to 30 kilometers from the control station. That range can be extended, if the system is "taken over" in flight, by soldiers that use proper control systems. MTOW is defined as 5.7 kilograms, whereas the warheads, supplied by the PGZ Group's Belma company, weigh 1.4 kilograms.

Let’s help Ukraine, using the potential of the Polish defence industry!