Polish WZL-2 Facility Begins to Provide Maintenance for the USAF F-16s

Photo. Juliusz Sabak/

The first USAF F-16C MRCA has been delivered to WZL nr 2 S.A. in Bydgoszcz, where it is expected to undergo the Service Life Extension Program - SLEP - procedures. The Polish facility, working with AAR Government Services, would work on the allied aircraft over the upcoming 5 years, or even a decade, should the term of the contract be extended.

The contract has already been concluded and it pertains to all US F-16s belonging to USAF Europe - around 90 airframes. The above means that WZL Nr 2 has a broad range of know-how available when it comes to this popular MRCA. Probably the facility would also be able to conduct maintenance for the Polish F-16s, but also F-16s operated by other CEE users if the aircraft as such are procured. WZL Nr 2 has gathered some experience already, providing support for the Polish F-16C/Ds.