Record Revenues at HSW

Photo: HSW
Photo: HSW

HSW S.A. company concludes the FY 2017 with revenue exceeding PLN 500 million. This is a record-breaking result which has not been recorded since the 1990s, states HSW.

The revenue of the HSW S.A company during the year 2017, significantly exceeded the amount of PLN 0.5 billion which is the best result recorded since several years.The company would also like to confirm the fact that net profit would be recorded this [fiscal] year – the release issued reads.

As noted by the company representatives, results as such were unachievable, even when civil production was on par with military equipment supplies.

HSW adds that the record-breaking results are, in essence, a consequence of the “repair programme” that has been implemented since 2016. The company is willing to continue to improve the efficiency offered by the manufacturing facilities.

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