WB Group Establishes a Branch in Saudi Arabia

Photo. WB Group

WB Middle East for Military Industries LLC is the name of the WB Group's joint venture company established in Saudi Arabia. The enterprise above, based in Riyadh, has been founded to address the higher demand for the WB Group's products in Saudi Arabia, and in the Middle East in general.

WB Group and Middle East Systems and Technology Co. (MEST), have jointly established the WB Middle East joint venture, to meet the growing demand for the WB Group in the Saudi Arabian market. That joint venture would also support the Saudi Vision 2030 strategy, aimed at sustaining self-sufficiency in defence and security sector by 2030.

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WB Middle East shall be responsible for all aspects of the WB Group's business in Saudi Arabia, and that shall include marketing, business development, and promotional activities, regarding the Group's companies in the Middle East and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The enterprise has already become active in communication systems, crisis management, security, transportation, energy, electromobility, and defence domains.

Guarana System - A Boost for the Polish Military Communications

WB Middle East is yet another joint venture company that has been established with the involvement of the WB Group. Back in 2021 Delta-WB company has been established, with a seat in Georgia. Among the best-known WB Group's products, one can list the FlyEye UAVs, and Warmate loitering munitions system, proven in combat in Ukraine, alongside the Topaz battle management system operated by most of the elements in the Polish artillery. The Topaz system has also been combat-proven in Ukraine, with the Krab howitzers. WB Group also offers the Fonet intercom - license-manufactured in the US by Harris, and used onboard the Stryker IFVs, and the multi-purpose JLTV vehicles.