WB Group Expands Activity in the Americas

Image Credit: J. Sabak
Image Credit: J. Sabak

During the SOFIC 2018 conference organized in Tampa (Florida), it was announced that WB America company has been founded. Its business would be based around marketing and sales of products manufactured by the Polish WB Group, in North and South America. Jim Curtin was appointed the President of the newly founded entity.

WB America is going to have its HQ located in Alexandria, VA. The company would be offering a wide range of products - from specialized electronics, communication systems, to drones. The WB Group informs that the offer of the new company would be shaped to reach the markets of Americas, as well as the global market (via the Foreign Military Sales procedure), with a particular emphasis placed on the requirements that could potentially emerge in case of the special operations forces. 

WB Group has developed and manufactures fully integrated fire control systems that fuse UAVs with the existing vehicular communication suites (including intercoms) and command systems. Thanks to the above the vehicle commanders may observe and asses threats at distances of up to 180 kilometres, and eliminate those threats should a need emerge. The Polish-made solution is known as BOSC (Battlefield Overwatch & Strike Capability).

The Polish company also used SOFIC 2018 to showcase its Flyeye UAVs and Warmate loitering munitions. Both drones may be embedded as a part of the BOSC system. The release also confirmed the fact that FlyEye is a proven system that has been field tested around the world and used operationally by the Polish and Ukrainian military. Both nations mentioned above also procured the Warmate system that is also being used by at least one NATO member state, alongside Poland.

WB Group has been active on the US market for quite some time now. Fonet internal communications system is one of its signature products. It is being license-manufactured by Harris. Fonet has already been integrated onto the US Army Stryker and JLTV vehicles for instance.