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Israeli Radars For The Czech Republic. V4 Group Initiative Is Cancelled.

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    Jeden z teleskopów Officina Stellare, fot.

The Czech authorities are planning to acquire 3D mobile radars in order to replace the post-soviet P-37 systems which are gradually becoming obsolete. Earlier some joint cooperation within the Visegrad Group was also being considered, within the scope of a joint R&D programme – as it was reported by E15.

According to the E15 outlet, the new radars are to be acquired on a basis of an intergovernmental agreement. They are to be supplied by the Elta Systems company, along with the Pardubice based Retia Company. The Czech subject is to supply ca. 40% of contribution to the whole process.

According to the information published by E15, the value of the contract pertaining the radar acquisition process is to be shaped at the level of CZK 5.9 billion, a sum which is equal to ca. USD 235 million. The radars are going to replace the old P-37 stations. The plan is that the purchase agreement is also to include the operational support bundle, valid until 2040.

Back in September 2014 some reports emerged, according to which the Visegrad Group member states were to jointly develop a mobile three-dimensional radar. “Financial Times” also claimed, within the same period, that Poland withdrew from the initiative. However, these rumours were denied by the spokesperson for the Polish MoD, Jacek Sońta.

Acquisition of ten 3D mobile radars constitutes a stage of modernization process of the Czech Armed Forces, which was approved just recently by the Czech authorities. The CTK agency noted that earlier on there had been some plans to develop the radar with Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, however the initiative was not ultimately carried out.