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JASSM becomes more realistic for Polish F-16 fighters

It is next year when a modernization programme of the Polish F-16 fighters may be started. The scope of works may include equipping the Polish Air Force’s F-16 jets with AGM-158 JASSM missiles.

The unoficial soures accessed by state that it is next year when a modernization programme may begin. Its main purpose is to equip the jets with  AGM-158 JASSM missiles, which would have a range of up to 370 km.

The scope of modernization will probably also include new equipment and software – mission computers and jam-proof GPS navigation system. What is more – Link 16 data exchange system is also to be enhanced.

The Polish authorities have stated that they will put considerable effort into acquisition of the AGM-158 JASSM missiles for the F-16 fighters, especially in the light of the Ukrainian crisis. Buying this type of armament was one of the issues negotiated between Tomasz Siemoniak, Polish Minister of Defence and Chuck Hagel, US Defence Secretary, who visited Poland in April, earlier this year.