Jet-2 Target Drone Tests. Jet-propelled UAV Developed by the Polish Air Force Institute of Technology in the air [WIDEO]

JET2 Night take-off. Image Credit: Air Force Institute of Technology
JET2 Night take-off. Image Credit: Air Force Institute of Technology

Polish Air Force Institute of Technology announced that the second part of the test programme concerning the ZOCP-JET2 target drone has come to an end. JET2 drones are destined to be used for training purposes, and to carry out exercises for the Polish anti-aircraft missile and artillery elements.

The research and tests carried out at the Central Air Force Test Range in Ustka, in September (26th – 30th September) included group test flights, night flights and emergency procedures. The tests carried out in Ustka constituted a complementary programme, providing additional data, to the data gathered during the performance and functional tests which were carried out back in June 2016. All flights were carried out in automatic command-based control mode, without any need for the operators to be involved in the flights.

The programme, the goal of which is to develop programmable route jet target drones, is a work created by a consortium led by the Air Force Institute of Technology, also involving the Military University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology and the MSP Marcin Szender company. The programme is realized with the use of the funds provided by The National Centre for Research and Development. It has a status of development project. The next step is going to concern the plans, pertaining to qualification research and tests, along with implementation and introduction of the said UAV into the inventory of the Polish Army. This is to happen in 2017.

Jet-2 target drones are to increase the realism of training carried out by the Air Defence component of the Polish Armed Forces. Jet-2 drone is capable of attaining speeds exceeding 540 kilometres per hour and altitudes of more than 5000 meters. During the tests in September, the drone achieved an altitude of 6000 meters. The system in question has flight endurance of more than 60 minutes. The programme constitutes a continuation of works related to manoeuvrable target drones. A relevant project in that area has been pursued by the Air Force Institute of Technology since the year 2000.

The September tests also involved the Initial Research Commission, composed out of representatives of the General Command of the Armed Forces, of the Armament Inspectorate and of the 15th Regional Military Representation office.