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Knight's Quest: Polish – American Exercise of the Logistics Units. Operations at Night.

  • Artystyczna koncepcja załogowej misji na Marsa, 1989 r. Fot. Les Bossinas of NASA Lewis Research Center

An exercise of the logistics elements of the Polish 10th Logistics Brigade and the US 51st Transportation Company of the 16th Support Brigade is being carried out in Opole. The US troops had been involved in an alert deployment exercise in Germany, prior to the Polish event which prepares them to support the Anakonda exercise. It is planned that the Anakonda operation, scheduled to happen later this year, will involve more than 25 thousand soldiers.

Knight’s Quest exercise is being carried out in the Opole range, and it involves the Polish 1st Battalion of the 10th Logistics Brigade and the US 51st Transportation Company of the 16th Support Brigade. 170 troops of the American element, stationed at the German Baumholder base on a daily basis, arrived in Poland to participate in the above mentioned event.

The military logistics specialists have begun their joint training on 22nd February. The first stage of the exercise involved creation of a convoy by the soldiers of the water transport company of the 1st Logistics Battalion, supported by the US HMMWV vehicles. During the march, particular attention was given to the IED threats and obstacles removal. Procedures related to relations with the civilians observing the convoy were also a part of the operation.

During the next stage of the activities, the units checked the compatibility of the gathered equipment. They also carried out joint training of the repair elements, with the use of the equipment utilized by both units involved in the exercise. Some of the tasks were being realized at night. Training related to driving in night conditions with the use of night vision goggles was executed, as well as a scenario in which the forces involved in the exercise had to defend the base, in the light of an attack carried out by the enemy’s irregular units. The exercise is planned to end on Wednesday, 24th February.

Prior to deployment of the US element to Poland, the Americans carried out a drill related to rapid deployment procedures, thus quick relocation capabilities were also tested throughout the course of the event. Collaboration of the units dealing with the logistics is especially important, since in cases when significant deployments take place (e.g. as a part of a collective defensive operation), operational activities undertaken by such units have a key value, both when it comes to the country which receives the support, as well as in reference to the allied forces. Knight’s Quest exercise was to prepare the logistics elements for the Anakonda exercise, scheduled to take place in June 2016. This exercise will involve more than 25 thousand soldiers from Poland, NATO member states and partner nations. US deployment is going to be second largest in size, after the Polish component taking part in the operation.

The first joint exercise of the soldiers of the 10th Logistics Brigade, working together with the US 16th Support Brigade, took place in October last year. Eleven US soldiers were involved in the operation back then.