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Kwadrat-2D - Digitalized Ukrainian Kub SAM System In Kielce

  • Image Credit: J. Sabak
    Image Credit: J. Sabak

Kwadrat 2D system is a modernized and digitalized Russian 2K12 Kub SAM, developed by the Ukrainian Ukrobrononservice company. The said system is quite popular in Poland as well. Modernization resulted in a significant increase of the detection range and increased reliability. Secondly, the target detection time has been significantly reduced.

2K12-2D Kwadrat 2D system was presented during the Kielce salon in a form of a modified 2P25M launcher, along with the 1S91M1 radar station. In both cases the changes covered mainly replacement of the elements that have been developed 50 years ago, with the use of modern, digitalized components. This is a similar modernization, as the one implemented in case of the Polish Newa-SC systems, modernized by the Zielonka-based WZE (Military Electronic Works JSC) facility.

As a result of the Ukrainian modernization and “digitalization”, the Kub’s operational reliability was improved, operations and maintenance are easier, costs and workload required to operate the system were reduced. Additionally, the system was fitted with a simulation component which makes it possible to reduce the cost of training. Option of detecting the targets with the use of the optronic devices, including thermal vision, was also implemented.

According to the data provided by the manufacturer, 2K12-2D Kwadrat-2D system is capable of detecting 4th generation fighters at distances of up to 38 kilometres (in comparison with the prior range of 30 kilometres). Secondly, the launcher is capable of detecting low-flying cruise missiles, at distances exceeding 20 kilometres. Automated data transmission also shortened the reaction time two to four times – starting from the moment of detecting and identifying the target, to the event of launch. This offers increased probability of neutralizing the threat – the level has gone up from 60-80 to 85%.

The above is not a solution which will make it possible for the obsolete missile system to compete against its state-of-the-art counterparts. However, the modernization package gives the less wealthy users a chance to increase the capabilities of the system.