Lithuania: BMS For New Boxer Vehicles and Beyond

Image Credit: Lithuanian Ministry of Defence
Image Credit: Lithuanian Ministry of Defence

An expansive process aimed at introducing new Battle Management Systems in the Lithuanian Armed Forces has just begun. Units utilizing the new IFVs (and other elements as well) are going to be using the new solution.

According to the official release issued by the Lithuanian MoD, this is yet another step in the process of Lithuanian Armed Forces modernization and modernization of the command system as well. Equipping the military units with BMS solution often allows for efficient and rapid control over the battlefield, thanks to fluid information exchange with regards to situation in the area of operations. Furthermore, the system would also improve data exchange and collaboration with the allies.

Lithuanian MoD had decided to procure the Systematic SitaWare Frontline BMS solution. The new BMS would become a standard equipment of the Vilkas IFVs for instance. These vehicles are being delivered for the “Iron Wolf” motorized infantry brigade. Integration of the new system will, undoubtedly, improve the unit’s capability within the scope of using the vehicles within the individual elements. The original contract made an assumption that this solution would be procured for the aforesaid brigade. However, the BMS solution will be received by other units as well, according to the recent release. 

Eimutis Misiūnas the Lithuanian Minister of Defence claimed that interoperability with the allies and the partners has a key relevance for the Lithuanian Armed Forces, for the purpose of increasing the resilience within the context of the ever changing regional political landscape. He also added that Lithuania, as a NATO member state, has always been working closely with the allies, pointing out that the ability to rapidly share and receive information makes the military stronger.

Battlefield Management System makes it possible to track own and allied, as well as adversary forces in real time. Use of system as such makes cooperation between the individual units far more effective. It also diminishes blue-on-blue engagements and accelerates the decisionmaking processes and information exchange between the command chain levels.

Image Credit: Systematic

Systematic BMS systems and software are used by numerous NATO member states that work together with Lithuania in the military domain. Latvian military is willing to start to use this system this year as well. Meawhile, the Bundeswehr decided to introduce the SitaWare Frontline system for the NATO VJTF component and the rotational force that would be on alert as of 2023.

Mateusz Zielonka