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Lithuanian Soldiers Involved in the Grom MANPADS Training Programme

  • Fot. ESRA via Facebook
    Fot. ESRA via Facebook

Lithuanian soldiers currently take part in a training programme covering the usage of the Polish Grom MANPADS. The event takes place in Koszalin. The first systems of this type are to be received by the Lithuanian Armed Forces by the end of the year.

As it has been stated in a press release issued by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence, currently four soldiers from Lithuania are in Koszalin, taking part in a training programme covering the issues of operational usage of the Grom anti-aircraft systems. The first rocket system of this type will be received by the Lithuanian Army in December this year.

The contract regarding acquisition of Grom MANPADS by the Lithuanian Armed Forces has been signed during the defence fair in Kielce. Value of the contract is as much as 34 million euros, and it includes delivery of the launchers, missiles, training devices and all the equipment needed for operational application. A logistics bundle is to be purchased as well.

Purchases of the Grom missiles are planned to be realized until 2021. It has been stressed that acquisition of the anti-aircraft systems has been made possible due to the increase of the defence budget. It has also been noted that procurement of new anti-aircraft weaponry is one of the priorities in the process of technical modernisation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Grom system is the third anti-aircraft missile which is to be used by Lithuania, along with the US made FIM-92 Stingers and the Swedish RBS 70 missiles. Introducing Groms into operational use by the Lithuanian Armed Forces would provide higher level of security against air-attacks and aerial reconnaissance activities.