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LITPOLUKRBRIG – steps will be taken

 An agreement on creating the shared LITPOLUKRBRIG military unit will be signed at Belweder.

An Agreement on creating a shared LITPOLUKR brigade, with a command located in Lublin, will be signed on Friday, on 5.30 PM, in praesentia of the Polish President Bronisław Komorowski. The parties of the agreement include the Lithuanian Government, Polish Government and the Ministerial Offce of Ukraine. Command of the unit will be located in Lublin, while the agreement itself will be signed by the Ministers of Defence of the three countries.

Commanding HQ has been active in Poland for some time now, it is located in Lublin. It consists of the Polish staff and commanding battalion. The aim of establishing the Unit is to get it involved in peacekeeping missions all around the world. The Brigade itself will consist out of 4500 soldiers.

The tripartite memorandum on creating the brigade has been signed on November 16. 2009, which was mentioned by here.