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Live Fire Training Of The Polish Naval Missile Unit Distance: 150 km

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Polish and Norwegian Navies have carried out a joint training exercise, employing the NSM (Naval Strike Missile) cruise missiles. The activities took place in the Northern part of Norway, close to the Andoya island. It was the first international training of this profile ever to be organized, during which surface and maritime targets were destroyed.

According to the information released by Lt. Col. Szczepan Głuszczak, the first Naval Strike Missile was fired at a maritime target, at a distance exceeding 150 kilometres. During its flight, the missile was conducting manoeuvres, following a route specified by the operators of the system, and then it precisely hit the assigned target. 

The second firing was more complicated tactically, since it involved a joint missile salvo fired together with a vessel of the Royal Norwegian Navy. The forces involved in the exercise attacked a single target from two different locations. The missiles had to recognize the desired target within a group of ships and hit it. This was the first international use of the NSM missiles in history.

The agreement, pertaining to procurement of the second Coastal Missile Squadron weaponry has been signed in December 2014. At the beginning of last year, Naval Missile Unit was formed. The NSM missile system constitutes the primary armament of the unit. The cruise missile which acts as the main effector of the suite has been designed with consideration given to its stealthiness. Its range is said to reach ca. 200 kilometres. The missile in question has been delivered by the Kongsberg company cooperating with the Polish industry, with PIT-RADWAR company leading the initiative.