Major Ammunition Shipment from the US Reaches Germany

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The largest ammunition shipment since 20 years has just reached Germany. The supply initiative is being coordinated by the US Army. More than 620 containers were then transported to the Miesau Army Depot.

The ammunition was transported to Germany on 29th October, reaching the port of Nordeham. There, the containers were loaded onto trains and shipped to Miesau Army Depot, which is the largest US ammunition storage outside the CONUS. From there, the ammunition will be distributed among the selected US units across Europe. The shipping operation was supervised by the Military Sea Lift Command, controlling the US Navy supply units. The shipment includes ammunition for both the US Air Force, as well as for the US Army.

As noted by the US commanders, the shipment is unique for two reasons. First, more than 620 containers have been transported to Germany, which makes the said supply operation the largest one since 20 years. What is more, the delivered ammunition represents a tangible confirmation of the US involvement in Europe. At the same time, the ammunition delivered also increases the level of readiness of the US Forces stationed in Europe.

Even with a thousand main battle tanks tanks, without any ammunition, they would not be an effective deterrent, as Hodges said, also stating that the shipment may be seen as another proof of the US engagement in the process of maintaining the European stability and security.

As noted by General Ben Hodges, US Army Europe commander, the ammunition received is closely tied to deterrence capabilities. Hodges also emphasized the fact that, had it not been for the German authorities authorizing the operation, transporting the ammunition within Germany would have been infeasible. 

Americans Take Over the Bases

According to the information published by the “Stars and Stripes” magazine back in July, the Americans are willing to make use of the military infrastructure of the Western Germany, located at Duelmen. The said location had been controlled by the British so far. It is to be used for the purpose of deploying relevant equipment which would bolster the potential remaining at disposal of US Army in Europe. Similarly as in case of the ammunition shipment, the area is to become a part of the European Reassurance Initiative, supporting the US military presence in Europe, which is a result of the changes emerging in the security context. 

The Americans claim that Duelmen base is well suited to meet their requirements. Within the base, large storage depots and fully operable railway station are located. We do not know though, whether the equipment to be stored there is going to be shipped from the US. It is possible that the hardware and assets are going to be transferred to the said base from other US Army facilities located in Germany. The process in which the base was to be taken over, was to begin back in October.