MEADS International at MSPO

  • Ilustracja: Mayak Project
    Ilustracja: Mayak Project

The Consortium of the MEADS International will be present at The International Defence Industry Exhibition presenting the surveillance radar and the actual-size model of the PAC-3 MSE missile, as well as the command post and the PAC-3 MSE launcher publicly for the first time.

The Surveillance Radar, displayed publicly for the first time, will undoubtedly raise the most interest at the MEADS stand in Kielce. It will be in the so-called American configuration that was used in the second trial firing for interception.

The station of SR in the MEADS system acts as a radar of early detection. One of its characteristics is the rotary active antenna with electronically shaped and controlled beam. The radar has an in-built system of radiolocation identification „friend-foe” in the latest Mark XIIA (with mode 5) version that provides secure identification of own aircrafts.

The command post of the MEADS system will be also presented in Kielce in the so-called German configuration, which was used in the tests of system characteristics and in two trial firing. It is mounted on the command center truck and it enables to integrate all elements of the system (according to the plug & play principle) and provides cooperation with the  external entities (air defence radars, command posts, etc.).

The missile launcher will be in the Italian configuration, which was used during three trial firing and from which the PAC-3 MSE missiles were fired. It is worth paying attention to the  system of self-loading of the 8-missile container and the way of setting the launcher that provides the ability to defend from all directions. What is more, the model of PAC-3 MSE missile in the 1:1 scale will be also presented together with the above-mentioned launcher. It is a missile that destroys the target by the direct hit-to-kill.