Armed Forces

Members of the Indonesian Parliament Visit the Polish Armaments Group

A group of the Indonesian MPs visited the office of the Polish Armaments Group. The politicians, dealing with the defence and security issues on a daily basis, wanted to get acquainted with the PGZ’s product offer.

The Indonesian MPs visited the PGZ company, in order to get acquainted with the Group’s product offer.  As we were informed by the Polish Company, the Indonesian officials also indicated specific products and services, placed within their area of interest.

As it was stated by Maciej Lew-Mirski, member of the Board at PGZ S.A., Indonesia is one of the strategic directions contained within the PGZ’s business development plans. Thus, high hopes are present within that scope, while “meeting the official delegation, at the level which is so high, makes it possible to initiate official steps towards placing our products and services within that market”. Lew-Mirski also referred to the questions concerning the “specific solutions” contained within the PGZ offer, which is a good symptom for the future development of the new relationship.

The meeting with the PGZ involved, among other officials, Asir Hamzah Tanjung (Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission dealing with the defence issues) and Peter F. Gontha (Indonesian ambassador in Poland). 

Throughout the recent years, the Polish companies, currently gathered within the PGZ, have been exporting Kobra VSHORAD systems or Glauberyt submachine guns to Indonesia.