Mesko Ammunition for the Polish Army

Image Credit: 17th “Wielkopolska” Mechanized Brigade
Image Credit: 17th “Wielkopolska” Mechanized Brigade

Mesko S.A. facility, belonging to the Polish Armaments Group, has signed three contracts with the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish Ministry of Defence, covering the procurement of ammunition between 2017 and 2020. The total value of the agreements exceeds PLN 195.6 million.

According to the release issued by the Polish Armaments Group, Mesko company is bound to deliver 5.56×45 mm tracer rounds, 5.56×45 FMJ rounds with steel core, as well as belted 7.62×51 mm AP/API rounds and 30×173 FAPDS-T rounds – with all of the above ammunition being ordered by the Polish Army.

30×173 mm FAPDS-T rounds are utilized with the Mk 44 cannons, constituting the primary armament of the Rosomak APCs. They are being manufactured on the basis on the own development project conducted by Mesko, the related intellectual property rights do belong to the Polish company. Earlier the manufacturing technology for three types of 30x173 mm ammunition was transferred to the Polish company, within the offset agreement related to the purchase of Rosomak APC for the Polish Army.

The agreements, on behalf of the Armament Inspectorate, have been signed by the Head of the Leadership for Armament, Col. Romuald Maksymiuk and Col. Piotr Imanski, First Deputy Head of the Armament Inspectorate, while on behalf of the Mesko S.A. company, the contracts have been signed by Piotr Jaromin, Member of the Board, and by Krzysztof Stępień, Director for Procurement.

Mesko company, having been in existence since 1924, specializes itself in manufacturing modern ammunition and rockets. In December last year the company has signed a 1 billion zlotys contract with the Armament Inspectorate, concerning the procurement of Piorun MANPADS.

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