Misiewicz: 1000 Attack Drones for the Polish Army in 2017

Next year, the Polish Army is going to obtain the first 1000 combat drones, attack drones – as it was stated by Bartłomiej Misiewicz, of the political staff of the Polish Minister of Defence.

The statement issued by Misiewicz reminded of the fact that Antoni Macierewicz, Minister of Defence, took part in a drone demonstration event organized at the Zielonka Military Institute of Armament Technology. The Minister announced that the Polish Army will have more than a thousand drones at its disposal. The UAV systems in question are expected to be manufactured on the basis of the potential offered by the Polish defence industry, and they are going to be used both by the operational units of the Polish Army, as well as by the Territorial Defence branch, which is a new branch of the Polish military.

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The mission of the Ministry, and of the Polish defence industry as well, is to make it possible to supply the first thousand examples of the combat drones for the Polish Army during the next year, year 2017. Next years, next thousands of drones would be delivered (...) Next year, the Ministry is going to deliver the first thousand examples of combat drones for the Polish Army, for the operational units, and for the Territorial Defence.

Bartłomiej Misiewicz, Polish Ministry of Defence Staff

As it was stressed by Bartłomiej Misiewicz, the unitary cost of a single drone is going to be decreased, due to the mass scale production. It cannot be ruled out that the official referred to the light systems that had been presented in Zielonka, the purpose of which is to act against the targets directly. Here, we mean the WB Electronics developed Warmate system, or the DragonFly UAV designed by the Military Institute of Armament Technology. Both systems make use of the same family of warheads.

Both types of the UAV systems mentioned above have been demonstrated in Zielonka, back in November. Moreover, Łoś UAV, short range tactical system, has also been showcased during the event, with LARUS bomb units developed by the Military Institute of Armament Technology.

Misiewicz announced that on 7th December, at the Military Institute of Armament Technology, the first agreement, concerning the procurement of the “first state of the art equipment” for the Territorial Defence forces, is going to be concluded. Moreover, a dynamic display of skill of the Territorial Defence units is also going to be organized on that occasion. The demonstration is also to include use of the combat drones.