MSPO 2014: Tactical UAV from ITWL and Airbus

ITWL runs a competition for the name of the tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which had been developed under the cooperation of Airbus Defence&Space and Air Force Institute of Technology.   

Michal Wasiewicz, the spokesperson of the Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL) informs that a big tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has been created. The development of the vehicle is a result of a cooperation between both companies and it is based on the already existing construction. The tactical UAV has a set of exceptional performance parameters, which make it a very useful and precise tool both for military and civil purposes.

The spokesperson of the ITWL indicates that the designing engineers from both cooperating companies set themselves a goal to make the tactical UAV a machine that satisfies the most demanding requirements of the end users. Thanks to the state-of-the-art solutions (among others optoelectronics, synthetic aperture radar, security systems, integrated electronic warfare system), the unmanned aerial vehicle may provide precise data from the aerial reconnaissance, both at night and during the day, in any environment and also under difficult conditions. Moreover, during the cooperation of ITWL and Airbus D&S, the length of take-off and landing has been minimized which improved the operating capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicle. The construction has been optimized in the aerodynamic and structural terms. The construction has also been prepared for the transport of arms. The data transmission systems have been developed to connect the unmanned aerial vehicle with the ground station. The ITWL will also be responsible for the development of training systems for technicians and operators. The construction will be ultimately manufactured in Poland - as Michal Wasiewicz informs.


- Identification and support of land forces
- Fighting against terrorism and piracy
- Border surveillance
- Situation awareness data collection (fires, floods, disasters…)
- Search and rescue actions
- Infrastructure monitoring (pipelines, transmission lines, roads, etc.)

Technical data

- Length – 5.47 m
- Wingspan – 8 m
- Height – 1.99 m
- Maximum take-off weight – 570 kg
- Maximum payload – 100 kg
- Maximum continuous flight – 14 h
- Tactical data link – 250 km + 150 km

The new name for the Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will be given during the International Defence Industry Exhibition that starts on the 1st of September in Kielce.

Anyone interested in the contest can send 2 name proposals by e-mail: [email protected] not later than 10:30 on the 29th of August 2014. 

From all competition entries, the Management of Air Force Institute of Technology will choose one name that will permanently be assigned to the Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The winner will receive a surprise award.