MSPO 2015: A New Concept - Rosomak With A 120 mm Cannon

  • Fot. Maciej Szopa/Defence24
    Fot. Maciej Szopa/Defence24

Wilk fire support vehicle demonstrator has been presented during the MSPO Defence Insustry Exhibition. The vehicle is based on the Rosomak IFV, and it is fitted with a concept Cockerill XC-8 turret, armed with a smooth-bore 120 mm cannon.

The Wilk [Wolf] demonstrator has been showcased by the Rosomak SA company. The vehicle is equipped with the Cockerill XC-8 turret fitted with a 120 mm cannon, which is compatible with the standard NATO tank munitions for this calibre, compliant with the STANAG 4385 norm (used e.g. in case of the Leopard 2 tanks). The turret provides space for 2 crew-members and Level 5 of ballistic protection, in line with the STANAG 4569 norm.

The vehicle is fitted with an automatic cannon loading mechanism and may also use programmable munitions or ATGM’s. The targeting and observation systems operate according to the hunter-killer principle – it is fitted with an independent targeting device for the commander. The devices make it possible to destroy the targets at night and during the day, in any weather conditions.

.308 machine gun constitutes the additional armament. There is an option of fitting the turret with a remotely controlled weapons station, equipped with a .50 cal. machine gun. The cannon features an advanced stabilizer which – according to the information provided by Rosomak S.A. - makes it possible to effectively neutralize stationary and moving targets, while on the move, at distances of up to 5 kilometres.

The cannon features a barrel, the length of which is 50 calibres. It is capable of operating within the elevation range between -10 and +20 degrees. Modular structure of the fire control system makes it possible to configure the optronic and electronic sensors with the use of the solutions selected by the user.