MSPO 2015: Virtual SAM Simulator.

  • Ilustracja: ESA via Youtube
  • Fot. Archiwum 21. BSP

SAM system simulator utilizing virtual and augmented reality technologies was presented by the Polish Air Force Institute of Technology during the MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition. The device, the purpose of which is to train the soldiers who are involved in operations with the use of the Newa-SC missile system, fuses a physical simulator with so called “augmented” reality, in order to replicate the procedures realized inside the vehicle, as well as on the outside of the launcher, along with the procedures related to the radar.

The procedures/diagnostics simulator is going to make it possible to execute most of the maintenance and combat procedures for the Newa SC system. The cabin of the system is replicated with a high degree of fidelity and functionality, thus it makes it possible to execute the standard checks, maintenance checks and to simulate emergency situations or errors.

Thanks to the augmented and virtual reality technologies, it is possible to execute training within the scope of initiating the external devices, such as the launcher or the antennas. Secondly, it is also possible to carry out the external checks related to the SAM system. The above training may be realized with the use of goggles, tablet or other multimedia device. Due to the fact that the switches are replicated in a form of touch screens, should a modernization be implemented, or should the Newa system components be changed, tailoring the simulator to the implemented changes is easy, cost-effective and quick.

The simulator may also be used in a simulation involving other devices, during a joint training. The representatives of the Air Force Institute of Technology stress the fact that implementation of the AR and VR solutions allows them to cut down on the training costs and limit the duration of training involving the live-systems, limiting their wear. This introduces flexibility, within the scope of shaping the training conditions.

Developed solutions also make it possible to introduce new elements of training and customizing the simulator, as modernization of the simulated SAM system progresses forward. The system was developed within a project, the aim of which was to develop a VR- and AR- enhanced SAM simulator. The initiative was financed by the National Centre of Research and Development. One device of this type is going to be delivered to the Koszalin Air Force training facility.