MSPO 2017: Gdynia-based CTM Facility Presents Maritime and Land Solutions

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  • Photo: st. chor. Arkadiusz Dwulatek/CCDORSZ

Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. [Maritime Technology Centre Research And Development Facility S.A. - CTM] belonging to the Polish Armaments Group showcases a wide array of maritime products, as well as solutions usable for the land units, during the MSPO 2017 defence salon, including the RKP-8100 multi-band and RKS-8000 short-wave radios. 

A mock-up model of the “Kormoran II” minehunter constitutes the central point of the OBR CTM’s booth, with the model featuring the systems developed and delivered by the Gdynia-based company: Command and Battle and Passive Protection Systems and Selected Key Sensors and Effectors Control suite (allowing for control of the SHL-101/TM and SHL-300 sonars, “Toczek” mine-countermeasure explosives). Not only does the model allow the visitors to get acquainted with the equipment package installed onboard the latest vessel of the Polish Navy, as it also provides them with understanding of the operational principles of such surface combatant, e.g. the principle of synchronization between the under-keel sonar and the sonar installed on the SPVDS unmanned craft.

Cross-section model of the “Kormoran II” minehunter. Image Credit: M. Dura

The mock-up, and models placed within the stand, also depict the underwater warfare weaponry or other solutions developed at the facility through the R&D works and programmes carried out, including the following systems:

  • Underwater Stabilized Sensor Platform, awarded with the DEFENDER distinction during the previous edition of the MSPO event, allowing the user to detect and classify the mines, including the buried ones. The platform has been developed by the CTM facility within the framework of the international BURMIN initiative, pursued by a consortium involving, alongside CTM, the French TUS company (leader), Dutch TNO, Belgian RMA and German companies and institutes (WTD 71, Fraunhofer ICT, IPHT Jena, Atlas Elektronik). The aforesaid initiative is a part of the EDA-driven Unmanned Marine Systems (UMS) programme. The platform has been fitted with magnetic and electromagnetic sensors, it is also prepared to house other types of sensors, it may be towed by a motorboat or by a small unmanned and autonomous craft. The platform is stabilized, and it maintains a required depth with the use of an autopilot which also prevents it from sudden pitch, yaw and depth variations.

    Underwater stabilized sensor platform for mine countermeasure operations - a model. Image Credit: M. Dura

  • MLM Modular Minesweep: The modular minesweep, also developed within the EDA UMS programme by the Polish engineers, is designed to act against mines using non-contact fuses, the operation of which is dependent on detection of the specific vessels on the basis of their characteristic signatures.


    MLM Modular Minesweep model. Image Credit: M. Dura

  • Radial and coil shock absorbers for seagoing vessels, with “Certificate of Approval” issued by PRS. This product is used to flexibly support any medium- and large-size devices and machines (in case of the coil absorbers) as well as small- and medium-size devices and systems (in case of the radial shock absorbers). The absorbers act as a vibration-insulator, thanks to their ability to flexibly withstand deformations in any direction, they separate the ship’s systems from shock-loads.

Coil and radial shock absorbers. Image Credit: M. Dura

CTM also pays a lot of attention to development of land systems. This is seen in case of the Polish radios developed and manufactured at the facility. What’s important, the radios are based upon a completely Polish technology, which, within the context of the current cybernetic threats, shall provide the Polish Armed Forces with a feeling of security and certainty that the solution would be reliable in any context. The CTM facility is driven to make the communication systems offered become the primary equipment in the Polish Armed Forces. During the MSPO 2017 event the following products are being showcased:

  • Medium-power RKS-8000 short-wave radio that is destined to be used as the basic building block of the stationary communication nodes, and of the mobile radiocommunications systems installed onboard wheeled and tracked-chassis vehicles. The RKS-8000 system is operated within the frequency range from 1.5 to 30 MHz (HF/VHF/UHF bands). Digital voice transmission is carried out in line with the STANAG 4198 standard and it is also compliant with the MIL-STD-188-110B App. B norm. On the other hand, the remote control of the radio is designed in line with the STANAG 5066 Annex E.


RKS-8000 Medium Power Short Wave Radio Image Credit: M. Dura

  • RKP-8100 HF/VHF/UHF multi-band digital rucksack-sized radio, acting as a communications system at the tactical level. Not only is it capable of meeting all of the requirements related to tactical communications, as it also features a homogeneous design, which diminishes the logistics maintenance needs. RKP-8100 is a backpack broadband radio, which is operated within the frequency range from 1.5 to 512 MHz (HF/VHF/UHF bands). The radio has been fitted with an AES-256 compliant encrypting module, it is capable of operating in a “frequency hopping” mode, it may be also used as a building block of the Link-11 data transfer suite. According to the manufacturer, the aforesaid product may meet some of the requirements defined by the Territorial Defence branch of the Army, when it comes to communications and data exchange hardware.

RKP-8100 HF/VHF/UHF multi-band digital rucksack-sized radio. Image Credit: M. Dura

  • RKP-8100 radio that may be used as an element of the mobile radio-communications systems mounted onboard the wheeled and tracked-chassis platforms, along with the RKP-8100-AM-B adapter, designed to tailor the RKP-8100 radio for vehicular use. The whole communications suite has been integrated within a single device, and maximum power output has been increased up to 150W in case of the HF and up to 50W in case of the UHF applications.

RKP-8100 HF/VHF/UHF radio with the RKP-8100-AM-B mobile adapter. M. Dura

The OBR CTM S.A stand also features a touchscreen with dedicated software, allowing the visitors to get acquainted with the full offer of the facility, and an app which, within a VR headset, displays the virtual space of the SCOT sea battle management suite.

OBR CTM S.A is presenting its products and capabilities in hall-C, as an entity of the PGZ Group, within the C-5 booth.