MSPO 2017: LOOK Defensive Container Presented in Kielce

  • Fot. Wielkopolska Policja/Facebook
    Fot. Wielkopolska Policja/Facebook

LOOK (light observation-defensive container) is a 20-feet container-based armoured observation and protection station. The container is fitted with a rotating weapon station or, optionally, a remotely controlled weapons module, complemented with a Polish-made optoelectronic sensor. LOOK is being presented, during the MSPO 2017 event, by the ZM Tarnów company. It has been submitted as a product proposed to receive the Defender award.

This easily transportable armoured module may be used to create defensive systems defending the facilities such as military bases, airfields, checkpoints or outpost. The LOOK station, placed in a standard, 20-feet container, is used to secure and protect the soldiers who are executing the observation and defensive tasks in warfare or peacekeeping operation conditions. LOOK may become a part of a larger protection system, it may also function in an autonomous manner.

The observation and guard station is protected from small arms fire. The effective observation of the surrounding area is possible thanks to large, bulletproof glass windows additionally protected by metal blinds. This provides level-2 protection, in line with the STANAG 4569 norm. Moreover, the container may also be fitted with a ZSMU remote-control armament station, also manufactured by the ZM Tarnów facility.

ZSMU modules may feature a 7.62 or .50-cal. machine guns (by ZM Tarnów) or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. Sensors and cameras are being used for the purpose of precisely aiming the weaponry, including daytime and night cameras (night-vision or non-cooled thermal vision systems in the latter case). The aforesaid kit may be complemented with a laser rangefinder.

The container may also be fitted with a variety of other independent sensors, such as a battlefield radar, daytime/night observation sensor featuring a wide array of cameras, including a thermal vision camera. Its purpose would be to detect, identify and position objects, such as persons or vehicles, within the supervised area. The target detection and tracking systems, as well as the LOOK container’s armament are tailored for joint operation within a single system.

Image Credit: Paweł Ziemnicki/

Each container may be fitted with the following equipment: monitor-based observation and control station for the commander; observation and control station for the guard/gunner; communications system; armoured windows on three walls; hatch at the top for manual operation of the gun station; A/C/Heating system; emergency PSU.

The container may be used during deployments outside the national territory, to protect forward operating bases, forward bases and checkpoints. Thanks to its standard form factor, it may be rapidly deployed with the use of a standard truck capable of carrying containers.

Image Credit: Paweł Ziemnicki/

Domestically it may be used to protect critical areas, facilities, airfields, airbases, logistical facilities and field-bases. LOOK is being offered both for the armed forces, as well as for the uniformed services dealing with protection of critical infrastructure, or involved in high-risk operations. ZM Tarnów S.A. representatives claim that implementation of the LOOK container makes it possible to limit the casualty rate in case of the personnel which protects the military infrastructure. Secondly, the system also improves the conditions for detection, recognition and identification of the threats appearing in the area around the base. Thirdly, the container offers an option of eliminating the enemy with the use of a safe weapons station.