MSPO 2017: PGZ Receives The Defender Awards

WLKM multi-barrel heavy machine gun. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska/
WLKM multi-barrel heavy machine gun. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska/

Four Defender distinctions have been received by the PGZ Group’s companies during this year’s edition of the MSPO exhibition. ZM Tarnów has received an award of the Minister of Defence, meanwhile PCO S.A., Belma and WCBKT S.A. companies were awarded in the “Defenders” competition.

ZM Tarnów S.A company has received the award for its WLKM multi-barrel heavy machine gun, Belma company received a distinction for its Tulipan remote control anti-tank explosive, PCO S.A. was awarded for a cameras system for the POPRAD SAM system, while WCBKT S.A. has been awarded for its airfield hydraulic power supply unit - LZH/N.

The WLKM multi-barrel Gatling-system .50 BMG machine gun is the awarded product manufactured by ZM Tarnów. It is fed with the M9 ammunition belts. Using four revolving barrels made it possible to attain rate of fire of 3600 rpm. Not only may the weapon be used in helicopter turrets or gun pods, as it may also be utilized on land platforms, vessels and as a fixed gun station. Its purpose is to act against enemy soldiers, ground and airborne targets of a variety of protection characteristics.

The WCBKT airfield hydraulic PSU is tailored for maintenance of all of the Polish Air Force’s aircraft. The device’s purpose is to fill in the hydraulic system of aircraft with fluid, clean the fluid and test the internal systems of the aircraft. It is an entirely Polish solution, and the manufacturing takes place at the WCBKT S.A. facility, from design with maintenance to finish with.

TULIPAN remote control anti-tank explosive has been designed to eliminate IFVs and APCs or all-terrain/heavy duty vehicles from the battlefield. The mine has been fitted with a non-contact acoustic-thermal fuse capable of detecting presence of military vehicles nearby. The EFP warhead may effectively strike targets at distances of up to several metres. The mine may be used for border protection purposes, in order to carry out defensive and area denial operations, to protect retreats, objects (such as command stations) in the areas of deployments and where guerilla warfare is seen as a threat. 

The PCO S.A. camera system awarded with the Defender statuette is formed by two cameras embedded within the POPRAD SAM fire control suite, used to track and detect aircraft, helicopters and ground objects, during the day (KTVD-1M “HELIOS” TV camera) as well as at night or in limited visibility conditions (KMW-3 “TEMIDA” cooled detector thermal vision system).