MSPO 2017: Premieres of New Armament by ZM Tarnów - Mortar and Semi-Automatic Rifles

  • Lądownik Huygens na powierzchni Tytana. Ilustracja: ESA
    Lądownik Huygens na powierzchni Tytana. Ilustracja: ESA

A concept of a modular 60 mm LM-61M mortar has been unveiled during the MSPO 2017 event. The said system has been tailored to shoot NATO rounds, also used in numerous countries around the world. Not only has the ZM Tarnów S.A. facility (ZMT) become a leader, within the PGZ Group, within the domain of remote controlled weapon stations or specialized firearms, as the company also offers light mortars across a wide range of calibres.

Up until now the Polish Armed Forces have acquired more than 500 LM-60 D/K 60 mm mortars. The weapon is said to be reliable and highly effective.

The new LM-60M mortar features a 60.7 mm calibre barrel, while the operational use concept is based upon the US M224 system. This means that the mortar may be reconfigured in field conditions into a long range variant, fitted with a support bipod and a heavier base plate, or into a commando variant, with a small base plate and without any support installed. ZM Dezamet S.A. facility has already developed ammunition for the new mortar, with new propelling charges increasing the muzzle velocity of the rounds and the mortar range, without exceeding the designed pressure limits within the barrel.

Moreover, 81 mm M-81 mortar has been redesigned, in the new configuration the system may be classified among the best weaponry of this type in the world – its maximum range has gone up to 6300 metres.

Ultimately, this system is to be carried by a light vehicle. A special modular mounting system would be applied, reducing the recoil and impact the mortar would have on the carrier platform, following the shots. A modern fire control system would also be introduced, with positioning systems and automatic targeting system, coupled with electric drives that would ensure mortar’s movement. It is also possible that a reduced-weight short barrel variant would also be created.

The ZMT’s stand also featured 7.62 mm (.308 Winchester), 8.6 mm (.338 Lapua Magnum) and 12.7 mm (.50 BMG) sniper rifles. All of the aforesaid weapons have been designed in a bull-pup layout. This distinguishes them among the conventional firearms, with a longer barrel, compact design, centre of gravity placed close to the grip which diminishes the muzzle climb, and ensures better accuracy.

SKW-338 semi-automatic rifle. Image Credit: Juliusz Sabak/

Semi-automatic sniper rifles utilizing the 7.62x51 mm NATO (.308 Winchester) and 8.6x70 mm (.338 Lapua Magnum) rounds have been designed with a conventional layout in mind. They are gas-operated. The energy is passed onto the bolt through a short-stroke gas piston. The bolt is locked through rotation. The weapon is modular in its design, ergonomics are at a high level. The barrel is easily replaceable, rifles also feature a folding stock.

Other weaponry presented by ZMT includes the .50 BMG WKM-B, .308 UKM-2000P and .50-cal. multi barrel Gatling machine gun. The stand also featured the RGP-40 40 mm multiple grenade launcher, Pilica 23 mm combined anti-aircraft missile/artillery system or the ZSMU-1276 weapon station. 40FT HC indoor shooting range was the primary exhibit presented outside, allowing the user to conduct firearms training at distances from 5 to 50 metres with the use of live rounds and laser markers.