Multispectral Seeker for the Piorun Missile [Defence24 TV]

Work at Telesystem-Mesko, concerning a new variant of the Piorun missile, is focused around a new multi-spectral seeker system, as Janusz Noga (President of the Management Board at CRW Telesystem-Mesko) outlined in an interview for Defence24 TV.

A seeker as such, being much more capable and less prone to jamming, could be used both in case of the Piorun missiles, as well as in case of effectors of longer range.

The fact that we have this know-how at hand in full allows us to utilize the Grom and Piorun systems on platforms such as the Jodek, Poprad and Biała systems. Without having that full knowledge about those systems, there is no possibility as such.

Janusz Noga, President of the Management Board, CRW Telesystem-Mesko Sp z o.o.

 The new Polish anti-aircraft missile having a range of 12-14 kilometers utilizing the Piorun guidance unit’s solutions could potentially be integrated onto the Poprad systems thus gradually expanding their combat capabilities without a necessity to change the C2 solution. In a longer run the new missile could also become the main asset of a future mobile land forces air defence system.

President at the Telesystem Mesko company also referred to the significance of continuous involvement of the R&D teams responsible for the seekers which translates into continuous development of those. Noga said that Grom and Piorun missiles could be potentially integrated on helicopter platforms as well, in a role of air-to-air missiles.